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Click2mob offers a portal in which all kind of content is made available for the user: Premium Apps, Games, HTML5 Games, Music, Videos, Movie trailers etc. The user is able to download unlimited content as long as the user is subscribed to Click2mob. The customer will be charged to their mobile phone bill. The mobile content is updated on a weekly basis and therefore the user will always find new content available each week. Once the user enters the portal for the first time, the user is asked to bookmark the URL of the content portal. This bookmark is shown similar as an application on the phone and therefore users can easily access and revisit the portal with over 1000 content items. In certain occasions the service is promoted with have a chance to win campaigns. The enduser will have a chance to win amazing prizes.
Subscription Services
SMS/WAP Subscription Tariffs
Cost per text € 2.50
Overall cost € 7.50
Frequency per week
Quantity of messages 3